2. Impromptu shoot with friends to test drive the Fuji-XT1 and 35mm 1.4

  3. Hypolita and Spanish St Demolition, September 25th, 2014

  4. The Anatomy of a Portrait

    Some contact sheets from the masters

    William Klein

    Henri Cartier Bresson

    Elliot Erwitt

  5. Casey Camp, 29, cleans Miss Joy’s nets after a few days at sea.

  6. David

  7. " I’ve been everywhere, man" Billy, 70, veritable legend of the dock, has worked on shrimp boats from Alaska to Peru. Did his first trip out of Mayport at the ripe age of eight. Doc just told him his heart’s no good, and he shouldn’t go out to sea anymore. He spends time managing boats and keeping history alive through his stories. 

  8. Another day on the dock

  9. Driving Hwy 17 from East Palatka to Deland, Fla. Derelict motels posted no trespassing, cow pastures, family dollar, and one or two genuine fish-camps. 


  11. Driving back from Savannah along highway 17 last night. All sorts of South Georgia finds. Wetland landscapes, decaying americana, and the charming small shrimping town of Darien, GA. 

  12. July 5th, Saint Augustine Beach Pier

  13. oysterbreath:

    The Watchers, 4th of July, Saint Augustine, FLA

  14. Brown Palace, Fall 2012